User instruction

Anyone can easily learn how to operate the safe lock from the user manual received with the safe.


In terms of operation safes with key lock are the simplest. Smaller electronic safes are also easy to use. Usage of a mechanical combination lock requires careful attention and accuracy. In case you have to deal with a more serious, multifunctional electronic safe lock, for learing the operation and performing the base programming or programming more complex functions you may need the help of an expert.


If you work at a company where safe operators often change and fluctuation is bigger or newcomers are frequent it comes in handy to hear about usage first-hand from an expert. In case a network of branches or shops are operated at your firm, user instruction due to changes is a common incident.


Why is it worth to use the operator instruction service?


Our experts are working day by day with safe handling individuals, repairing and servicing safes so they know most of the human errors of usage thus they can

  • verbally inform you of basic usage principles of the safe and safe lock,
  • prepare you to be cautious,
  • perform the base programming of the safe lock(operating mode, installation of users, code changing, etc.),
  • set time delay and have you practice the opening-closing procedure,
  • program special safe lock functions (4 eyes principle, time programs, duress alarm, etc.)


For whatever reason you feel user instruction is necessary we are happy to be at your service!

Ask our Customer Service for an offer!




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