Fixed shelf - safe accesory


You can practically store anything on shelves, from valuables through documents to cash.
If it is about storing documents, shelves are suitable for the standing or lying storage of binders.

However shelves are considered as standard inner elements, often more of them are needed than supplied as included accessories to be able to utilize the interior space of the safe optimally.

Also among shelves fixed and pull-out versions exist. A pull-out alternative is useful e.g. if the things to be stored are lined up behind one another. In such a case with a fixed version the ones at the back are difficult to handle and also not easily visible.

Be aware that the bearing capacity of shelves is limited. If necessary and these are available opt for extra strong shelves.

Shelves are also available as trays with the outer edge pointing upward (flanged). Trays are useful e.g. in chemical storage cabinets or in cases where things falling out of the safe could cause damage.

For single line placement.
For multi-line palcement.
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