LA GARD La Gard 3390/1777, 3-dial mechanical combination safe lock set

Combination safe locks

Mechanical combination safe locks are in the middle between key and electronic safe locks. Regarding their construction, mechanical combination safe locks are more complex than key locks. Hence their price segment is also higher, but it does not reach that of electronic safe locks.

Considering the security level of mechanical combination safe locks, EN 1300 class A, B and C ratings are the most frequent. Classification depends basically on the structure of the safe lock, on the number of barriers placed inside it and thier complexity.

The majority of mechanical combination locks have 3 dials. Beside these 3-dial locks, versions with 4 dials also exist. The number of dials placed into the lock determine how many digits the code combination will have.

With part of the mechanical combination locks the code set in the factory cannot be changed. With the bigger part however code changing is possible with a special key.

3-dial, EN 1300 B, ECB-S, VdS 2., UL 2M class.
4-dial, EN 1300 C, ECB-S, VdS 3., UL 1 class.
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