INSYS LOCKS Insys TwinLock B700/FC Business S 1.1 electronic safe lock set, VdS 2

Safe locks

Safe locks are inevitable components of any safe. Beside the structural design of the safe the safe lock is the most important factor determining security level. Much depends on that through what kind of safe lock the control of the opening happens.

From the operational perspective, safe locks have to be divided into 3 groups. Basically mechanical key, mechanical combination and electronic combination locks have to be distinguished.

In terms of security the rating according to the European EN 1300 standard is authoritative in Europe. EN 1300 class A, B and C safe locks are the most common ones. You will find A, B and C class locks among both key, mechanical and electronic combination safe locks.

Whether some mechanical or electronic solution is worth to choose from safe locks of a specific class depends on more factors. Field of use, aspects of comfort and the amount to be spent are all have to be considered.

Simple solution, affordable price.
3-4 dial locks for lovers of the traditional.
Maximum convenience and functionality.
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