Prize safe

You are organizing a prize game but you do not have the proper instrument to carry it out, to actively involve customers?
Choose our safe of special design intended for these specific situations!

The typical prize game scenario


1) The safe and the object symbolizing the prize in it are placed to a clearly visible, central location typically in a physical point of sale like a shop or store.

2) Customers receive a randomly selected code during their purchase.

3) Upon completion of purchase customers go to the safe and enter the code into the safe lock themselves, trying to open the safe with it.

4) If the safe opens, we have a winner, if it does not, the prize game continues.

Naturally different scenarios are also possible.

Why this safe?
Transparent design

Because this is a special safe explicitly created for the implementation of prize games and it is also showing the prize.


The safe has a safe door, base plate and frame made of steel while its sides and top is made of transparent plastic (plexiglass). Thanks to the transparent walls chips or gift box symbolizing the prize and put into the safe can be seen from the outside while the safe is locked, thereby increasing customer interest concerning the prize, their willingness to participate and excitement.

Special electronics

Beside a transparent structure the safe has specially functioning electronics. A safe with standard electronics blocks opening trials after a few wrong inputs and do not allow further entries for some minutes.


This operation cannot be used for a prize game where many openings are attempted one after another. In accordance with such expected operation this safe allows any number of opening attempts without any blocking period. If the entered code is incorrect the safe does not open and the opening can be tried with a new code.


Physical characteristics of the safe:
Outer size: 605 x 430 x 397 mm
Inner size: 595 x 420 x 387 mm
Door size: 330 x 510 mm
Capacity: 97 liter
Weight: 36 kg
Color: dark blue


IMPORTANT! The structure of the safe is not suitable for value protection. Without security guards no actual prize can be put into the safe, only an object symbolizing it. The safe should be locked away for the night.

How can you have it?


The prize safe can be used through our safe rent service.
Rental fee depends on the length of the requested rental period. Please send your quotation request to the email address. Please include the needed period length in your request.


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