Pull out hanging folder holder - safe accessory

Safe accessories

In high volume euro grade burglary safes often large amount of valuables of various kind are placed, so the standard configuration with shelves prove to be inadequate. In such a case optionally selected accessories facilitate separation and daily use.

Within interior accessories, among others, shelves, separately lockable inner compartments, trays, baskets, drawers and hanging folder racks are to be distinguished.

Except for inner compartments, fixed and pull-out versions exist. The price of pull-out alternatives are higher than those of fixed ones, their utility value however are a lot greater.

When selecting a supplementary accessory please always consider the space taken up by the additional item in the safe. If e.g. the safe has 3 shelves as standard and you select an extra inner compartment, it is likely that you will only be able to use 2 shelves.

Height relocatable or fixed, standard or pull-out versions.
180-420 mm high, fixed key compartments.
Pull-out accessories of special design.
Height relocatable or fixed, pull-out versions.
To be used in drawers, organizing elements giving better overview.
Height relocateable or fixed, standard or pull-out versions.
Ventilators, adapters, filters.
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