Basic questions
Whatever valuables and their secure storage it might be, a safe, a deposit box or a fire resistant cabinet is needed in most cases. By selecting the suitable safe, you can provide secure storage of your valuables. To determine exactly what kind of safe fits the particular situation best, you should answer the following questions as a starting point.
What do you want to use the safe for?

When selecting a safe intended use is crucial. Safes can primarily be distinguished based on purpose of use and what they are suitable to store safely.

Valuables to protect can be diverse, like jewelry, securities, documents, contracts, cash, weapons, etc. It is also to be decided that you would like to provide protection of your own valuables or of those of somebody else.

What do you want to be protected against?

Threats to different valuables basically fall into two categories. Firstly the risk of theft and robbery, secondly the danger of destruction caused by fire are to be reckoned with.

We have created the main groups of safes along the typical modes of application and major product categories. By reading the description of a group, you can quickly get an idea of what the safes of the given category are typically used for.

How high are your security requirements?

One of the most important characteristics of security products, including safes is the level of protection they provide and to be expected from them.
The security features of safes mainly depend on their physical design, construction, resistance values and quality of production materials and accuracy of the manufacturing process. Equally important is the working principle of safes and safe locks. The availability of certain functions is tied to a specific operating principle.

From the aspect of protection the most important are the type of attack, the amount of force the safe is able to withstand and the period how long it can do it.

We use pictograms to help you identify the difference between safes, to show the main security features and the provided security level of a certain aspect. Naturally the description and technical data of safes also serve presentation and distinction.

You will find a product range with different width and depth in the various product categories. In most cases we offer alternatives with lighter resistance and lower price or choices providing more protection and features for a higher price also.

Are you looking for a certified safe?

If a safe is certified, it means that the safe has been tested and classified according to certain criteria. If it passes the test, it will receive the certificate. Depending on its performance in different aspects, the safe receives a lower or higher rating. Official certification is made by independent rating institutions and not by the safe manufacturers themselves. Certification is a long and expensive process.

All safe manufacturers produce their safes based on certain standards. This does not mean that the safe also has a certificate according to this standard. Nevertheless, producers may also declare product ratings based on their own test results. In such a case this rating is not confirmed by an independent rating institution.

Different types of safes are often subject to various, many times to several different standards. These different standards by the products very nature are not always testing the same characteristics, partly they take different aspects into consideration. We indicate the ratings of the most important standards at each safe group.

The relevance of an official certificate issued by an independent rating institution differ in various situations. In case of a simple purchase of smaller budget or demand, the safe not having an official certificate is not necessarily a problem.
The situation is different if, for example during the operation, as well as in regard of the safes applied, strict regulations must be met. In case of a company where valuables or money is physically handled as standard business operation for example, there is no question about using an uncertified safe. Secure storage of certain valuables may be enforced by legislation or the expectations of insurance companies.

In general it is true that the more certification a safe has, the more expensive it is.

The vast majority of our safes are from abroad, the manufacturers are foreign, so the primary certificates were also issued by foreign rating institutions.
In Hungary the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (AHICO) gives its approval to the recommendation of the entrusted professional company performing the certification rating. The Hungarian AHICO certificate and rating usually means that the available foreign certificate is nationalized, a second version is issued in Hungarian. In some cases AHICO's entrusted company also performs its own test inspections.

If you are seeking a certified safe for compliance it is sufficient to have a valid primary certificate.

How much are you ready to spend?

The amount available for the purchase determines largely what security level and quality of safe can be bought.
The cheaper safes usually offer lower level of protection and smaller capacity compared to their higher-price burglary safe counterparts and they also wear out faster.

Although a safe purchase is basically determined by the disposable amount, please be aware that a safe serves to protect your valuables. If you are willing to spend more to protect your values, they will be more secure.
With a better quality safe and safe lock for example, you can win precious hours that the burglar must spend extra to crack your safe. The longer time a burglar has to devote to the opening, the less worth it is to bother, since the chances of being caught increase with the time spent on the opening.
It is important to keep in mind also that the protection is only as strong as the weakest member of the defense points. There is no point in having a safe with a very good level of protection for example if it is not anchored or connected to an alarm system.

If you are not picking up the safe at our site, but ask for a home delivery, do not forget the shipping cost when calculating the amount to be spent on the purchase.

How urgent is your safe purchase?

If you need the safe immediately take care of availability when selecting a product. Generally from the safes much sought or of lesser value we have continuous stock.

Safes of higher value or special design typically arrive on order, their delivery time can extend from 1-1,5 to 4-6 weeks. Procurement of such special safes is worth to be launched in time, so their lead time will not cause delays at installation.

In some cases you might want to install and use the cheapest, instantly available safe in the product category, which is suitable only for the basic function of locking away valuables, for the time the ordered higher-value item arrives.




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