Safe anchoring

The protection level and ensured protection of safes with a net weight less than 1000 kg are fundamentally influenced by whether the cabinet is anchored. Such safes must be properly anchored in any case.

There are strict rules for anchoring. The safe must be fixed directly to a structural element of the building made of concrete in a way that it resists sufficient tensile force. You will find the specifications of installation in the installation guide received with the safe and in the descriptions of the manufacturers and AHICO.

The installation of simpler stand-alone safes requires no special skill. With a proper concrete drill the anchorage can be done professionally by yourself.
If there is no appropriate tool or suitable person to install the safe, our safe technician staff is available to anchor it for you.

Naturally we also perform anchorage removal and re-anchorage of safes on request.

We do not undertake to install wall safes into the wall. Wall safe installation is a work of masonry, any bricklayer is able to perform it. Detailed information of the installation process can be found in the installation guide received with the safe. In case you have your wall safe installed, please be aware to comply with the instructions in the installation guide, concrete quality and thickness in accordance with classification and first class workmanship.




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