FORMAT Granat Deposit 20 deposit safe
FORMAT Granat Deposit 20 deposit safe FORMAT Granat Deposit 20 deposit safe

Format Rubin Cash Safe euro grade drop safe


Protection against theft, excellent burglary resistance.
For the secure storage of daily cash.

70 000 000 Ft recommended AHICO insurance amount, connection to an intruder alarm system (IAS) is obligatory.
EN 1143-1 "III", ECB.S C01 "III", VdS 2450 "III" and AHICO "I" grade burglary certificate.

With two separate safe doors and a rotating deposit drum.
Money bags with a maximum size of 120x520 mm can be used.

High-resistant, multi-wall steel safe body against mechanical and thermal burglary tools.
Triple-wall, 123 mm thick steel safe door, special concrete filling material.
Safe door opening angle 180°, external hinges, DIN right opening.
Protection against striking attacks, passive lock.
3-way locking boltwork, 25 mm thick bolts.
Prepared for alarm connection.

Standard delivery with high security double-bit key safe lock (VdS 2), 2 keys (160 mm long) on the safe and deposit also. Other safe lock as an option.
Key-retaining lock in open position.
With protruding rosette and handle, 76 mm (additional to outer depth of the safe).

Prepared for anchoring, factory made anchoring hole on the base (1). Anchoring bolt included.

Light grey RAL 7035 colour.

Color grey
Place of origin Germany


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2 188 897.64
gross price:
2 779 900 Ft
item no.: P0000327 UoM: pc
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gyártói cikkszám: 013377-00000
Height (y)Width (x)Depth (z)Inner H (y)Inner W (x)Inner D (z)Inner volumeNet weight
1560 834 700 811 742 522 314 1000

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