Create Security

Müller Safe makes a promise with this slogan both to its customers and suppliers, reflected in the philosophy of the company.
Whether it's burglary or fire protection, Müller Safe offers a suitable solution for protecting valuables and documents for any requirement.

The success of Müller Safe as a company was largely driven by the commitment to construction and manufacturing precision.
The fact that recognized banks, oil companies in connection with keeping the daily revenue safe, and fuel station networks, ministries, other offices and military installations choose the security provided by Müller products acts as an incentive for the company and it is also an obligation to consistently pursue the chosen path.


The German Müller Safe GmbH has been recognized for many years as both a manufacturer and a service provider of many safety devices. It sees pre-loss damage prevention and object security of offices, financial institutions, companies, the industry and individuals as its essential task.

Whether it's special requirements for safety standards, custom functionality, or exterior appearance - Müller Safe creates complex security systems even for the most diverse requirements and produces them at its own factory.

Tested in quality, with the latest technology and its sales and service network, Müller Safe offers a good alternative. Efficient logistics and flexible teams enable customers to leverage all the benefits provided by Müller Safe.

The multi-year experience of their co-workers' knowledge ensures fast, smooth and discreet fulfillment of orders. By aimed strengthening of objective and subjective security expectations, they provide security for your business and home.

At Müller Safe, service does not stop when the safe is delivered. Even after purchase, its colleagues are also prepared to provide advice or on-site assistance.
The Factory

The company's manufacturing plant is located at its site in Herborn, Germany.


A committed and motivated team of engineers and technicians of Müller Safe is the foundation for continuous research and improvement of security in connection with valuables, classified information and data in a globalized market.

Quality Assurance

Müller Safe is a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of security products and within the framework of the German VDMA and European ESSA association it is involved in the development of security standards that ultimately evolve into European security standards. The qualifications of the employees carrying out production guarantee a high quality manufacturing.

Effective production processes - from the cutting of material, through assembly operations to the finishing surface treatment - provide the basis for flexible, fast and customer-oriented solutions.
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