The place of safes in our company history. The most important milestones.

Safeguru website and webshop

The overall objective of our thematic website is the presentation of safes and safe services offered by us, the giving of information, promotion of choosing the right safe, facilitating the planning, purchasing decisions, and to serve existing and prospective customers.

Our company offers the safes on the SAFEGURU website to resellers and end-users.

The left-hand product catalogue menu bar shows the main groups of safes. These groups are divided into subgroups. Subgroups include safe series and you will find the product pages of single safe models in the end. By selecting a safe series or safe / model, a model feature description or members of the series in a list appear. Members of the same safe series are in most cases are all equal with the exception of a single parameter.

You will find availability information for each item. A green dot means the item is in stock. A product with an orange dot means, you can only have this item with a longer delivery time.

We wish you a pleasant and useful browsing!


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